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Burn Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Pressia (Teeth and Heartbeats)

  • The airship is ready and the gang leaves tomorrow. Then an alarm sounds.
  • Plans: ruined.
  • Fedelma informs Pressia that there's an attack and that she needs to leave now. Bradwell went out on his own, and El Capitan has a flashlight.
  • She then gives Pressia the vial and formula.
  • But first, a quick story: the things attacking are creatures Kelly accidentally made. He wanted to breed something that could protect the people, but it went horribly wrong.
  • As of now, these creatures have abducted three children already.
  • Oh, and Pressia needs to watch out for the fog because it has a heartbeat.
  • Ugh, what?
  • Pressia runs outside and finds El Capitan; they start to make their way to the ship.
  • They keep hearing cries off in the distance, and then once they reach the fog Pressia falls.
  • She then gets grabbed by one of the creatures; it's blind, making the fog beneficial because no one can see in the fog.
  • El Capitan's flashlight falls to the ground and goes out.
  • Four or five creatures grab Pressia and then start humming, which is super creepy.
  • She's able to break free from them, and runs towards El Capitan. He's pinned down by one—it's stepping on his throat.
  • Pressia knocks it off of his throat, but she loses her knife in the process. She and El Capitan are pretty much alone now, and surrounded.
  • El Capitan gets sentimental and tells Pressia he would've stayed by her side if she did to him what she did to Bradwell.
  • Pressia responds pretty flatly that she really does love El Capitan—just not romantically.
  • As you can imagine, Cap is pretty bummed.
  • They're both grabbed and about to get eaten, but then Bradwell comes out of nowhere. His wings flap ferociously, which thins out the fog.
  • El Capitan runs to the ship to get it started, while Pressia fends off some of the creatures.
  • The chapter ends with the creatures retreating from Bradwell, and then he and Pressia staring at each other.

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