Study Guide

Burn Chapter 12

By Julianna Baggott

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Chapter 12

Lyda (A Fairy Tale)

  • Partridge and Lyda are inside Foresteed's office now; they need some kind of a plan to lessen the death toll.
  • They snoop around his office a little because snooping around is the best, and Lyda finds a folder containing her psychological analysis when she was in the rehabilitation center.
  • The initial prognosis: she's a threat to herself and others.
  • The determination: lifelong institutionalization.
  • Um, that seems a bit extreme.
  • Foresteed comes in and they talk game plan.
  • But his game plan isn't exactly desirable. He wants Partridge and Iralene to get married to distract the masses and restore some kind of "fairy tale" ending so that they feel like everything's going to be okay.
  • Partridge is totally against it, but Lyda tells Foresteed to do it.

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