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Burn Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Partridge (Lucky Us)

  • Partridge is dreaming about the Before, and then he's woken up by Iralene. Arvin Weed is at the door to analyze his pinky.
  • But really, Weed is there because Partridge wants to grill him for information.
  • Good news though. There were no suicides the past night. Hooray!
  • Weed comes in, and, as Partridge starts talking to him, he becomes suspicious. It seems odd to him that all of those suicides just started happening. It all seemed so sudden.
  • They talk about Partridge's pinky a bit, but then they get to the good stuff.
  • Arvin says he's a good guy… but we can't be sure.
  • He says he has no idea where Glassings is, and that he also knows about Pressia and the gang.
  • Partridge tries to get him to confess about making the pill that killed Ellery, but Weed doesn't budge.
  • Then Weed talks about how Pressia and the gang are flying across the Atlantic right now in a stolen airship. Partridge should know this by now, but he doesn't do his homework.
  • Partridge brings up the whole council thing again, and Weed shoots it down right away.
  • He also starts talking about how he knows pretty much everything Partridge knows: the wretches as the superior race, and all that good stuff.
  • Oh, and the formula Partridge found in one of the folders is a recipe to make people.
  • Yep: the new Adams and Eves of the New Eden.
  • Then to get more of a rise out of Partridge, Weed talks about how proud Ellery was when Partridge survived outside of the Dome.
  • Ugh, sometimes we really can't tell if Ellery loved Partridge or not.
  • Partridge asks about little Jarv Hollenback, one of the people stuck in suspension. Arvin released him, but Mrs. Hollenback was one of the people who tried to commit suicide and failed.
  • Also, Weed wants to talk to Pressia because he knows she knows something.

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