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Burn Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

El Capitan (Crazy John John's)

  • The gang finally reaches Crazy John John's. They all get out, ride a few roller coasters, get some cotton candy, then call it a day.
  • Just kidding. Dusts are attacking the amusement park; apparently the sound system that had fended off the Dusts before isn't working anymore.
  • The gang checks for Hastings — he's there climbing a roller coaster with Fandra, Pressia's old friend.
  • The Dusts then override the fence that protected the park. The only hope they have now is to save Hastings by swooping the airship close.
  • But then Fignan starts playing carnival music. He can save them if they give him up.
  • Bradwell really isn't pumped about that, seeing that Fignan's actually become a nice little companion to him.
  • The chapter ends with Fignan playing music loudly, and El Capitan swooping in the airship to get Hastings.

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