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Burn Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

Partridge (Coal)

  • Instead of focusing on the larger picture, Partridge has decided to visit Mrs. Hollenback in the rehabilitation center.
  • Man, he uses his time wisely.
  • On the way he asks Weed about his parents. Weed says they caught colds.
  • Ooh, red flag.
  • Partridge enters Mrs. Hollenback's room. She looks horrible.
  • She tells him she tried to overdose on pills, and that Partridge spoke the truth. It woke her up.
  • Apparently during the Before, Mrs. Hollenback lied about being pregnant to get into the Dome.
  • Partridge admits that he killed his father to try to console her—which isn't exactly a good idea.
  • She tells him to hush up then looks up to the ceiling and asks for forgiveness.
  • Mental hospital scenes are so happy.

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