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Burn Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

Pressia (Fresh Smoke)

  • Back to the gang's mission: El Capitan doesn't get the airship low enough to get Hastings on the first try.
  • But on the second try, Pressia's able to drop Fignan into Hastings' hands. He then gives Fignan to Fandra.
  • El Capitan is low enough for Hastings to grab onto Pressia's hand too—and since he's super powerful, he succeeds.
  • Bradwell and Pressia pull him to safety, and they're off. Meanwhile the Dusts start to retreat because of Fignan's music.
  • Hastings tells them that the city is getting too dangerous, and that everything's not okay.
  • Yeah, we kind of figured things weren't going well.
  • They fill Hastings in on what's going on, and then they fly over the city.
  • It's on fire.

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