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Burn Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Partridge (Lovebird)

  • Enough of the mental hospital stuff: it's time for a date with Iralene.
  • Iralene plays her part perfectly (as always). She's very flirtatious and looks beautiful. Partridge is a sadsack.
  • They walk through a garden while cameras snap pictures of them. Iralene decides to sit on a swing so Partridge can push her.
  • In the middle of their grand old time, Partridge decides to ask Beckley about the academy boys. He doesn't answer.
  • Then Partridge demands he answer—uh oh, the date's being ruined.
  • Beckley tells him about how the academy boys are outside of the Dome fighting wretches. Their coding has been rushed to make them into Special Forces soldiers.
  • And you can guess how Partridge reacts. Not so well. This date is over.

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