Study Guide

Burn Chapter 2

By Julianna Baggott

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Chapter 2

Partridge (Grief)

  • Reminder of where we left off with Partridge: he was killing his father.
  • Again, just a day in the life.
  • What we learn about Partridge now is that he's finally in charge of the Dome; he's moved Lyda outside of the medical center, and he has a full week of mourning to do for his father.
  • The next funeral service will be broadcasted live—yippee.
  • Partridge is also supposed to be seen with Iralene, his fiancé and half-sister. But he refuses to let that happen; he's ordered the people who work for him to release the story of how he and Lyda are in love.
  • They don't want to scare the common folk though, so they're trying to fabricate a whole big story about Partridge's split with Iralene and how he met Lyda. Ugh, these people are such phonies.
  • Foresteed, who was initially going to be next in line after Ellery Willux, and two other men try to tell Partridge how to lead, but Partridge tells them he wants to join the wretches with the Pures.
  • Oh, and he wants to make up a council made of him, Lyda, Pressia, El Capitan, and Bradwell.
  • Really? Even we know that wouldn't work.
  • Foresteed and the other dudes think it would be better to keep lying to everyone, though.
  • So Partridge isn't too happy about them, so he ends the meeting.
  • Time for seven more days of mourning: hooray.
  • Partridge walks outside to see a bunch of mourners — Foresteed puts his hand on Partridge's shoulder and tells him if he wants to reverse the big lie, maybe he should come clean about his own lie.

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