Study Guide

Burn Chapter 22

By Julianna Baggott

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Chapter 22

Pressia (Calling, Calling)

  • Unfortunately, Pressia is going inside the Dome no matter what. She already made her decision, and she's planning on leaving the gang silently.
  • As they walk around and see death everywhere, they all wonder if Partridge is the bad guy.
  • Pressia keeps calling for Wilda, even though the chances of finding her are slim to none.
  • One man they find says that the Special Forces were carrying children on their backs, heading towards the Dome.
  • The survivors of the attacks are also pretty traumatized, because they could tell the Special Forces soldiers were only boys.
  • Oh, and the gang has spent the last few days carrying dead bodies into mass graves and helping people who are hurt.
  • Bradwell breaks the sad, pessimistic truth to Pressia: Wilda's probably dead already.
  • Pressia refuses to admit to this, so she goes up to a young boy and asks him to be a messenger for her. She bribes him with a can of meat.

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