Study Guide

Burn Chapter 23

By Julianna Baggott

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Chapter 23

Partridge (Pill)

  • Partridge meets up with his old pal Glassings.
  • But he isn't doing too great. He's probably going to die.
  • Luckily, Glassings is able to get some great info to Partridge.
  • One: Cygnus wasn't a secret: the government knew who they were all along.
  • Two: Foresteed was the one who knew about Cygnus.
  • Three: Foresteed wanted Cygnus to steal the poisonous pill that killed Ellery Willux.
  • Four: Foresteed is planning on taking out Partridge.
  • Five: Arvin Weed stole the pill for Cygnus.
  • Okay, so lots of information here, so let's try to boil it down.
  • So basically, Foresteed = really bad guy.
  • To counter Foresteed, Partridge plans on acting dumb to the situation. Playing dumb can be a pretty good strategy.
  • Also, Arvin Weed = ?
  • Partridge doesn't know what's up with Arvin. He doesn't know if Arvin is truly a bad guy or a good guy, and we don't know either.
  • Arvin's moves all seem calculated, but for what team? Glassings insists he's good.

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