Study Guide

Burn Chapter 27

By Julianna Baggott

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Chapter 27

El Capitan (Boy)

  • The boy who Pressia gave a message to is following Bradwell and El Capitan.
  • Eventually he interrupts them and tells them that Pressia went to the Dome to find Partridge. She'll send another message once she's there to tell them whether or not to take down the Dome.
  • Bradwell and El Capitan play the blame game then get in a fistfight.
  • Good thing they're quick to apologize. Only a few punches were thrown.
  • Oh, and one more message from Pressia: she wants Bradwell and El Capitan to keep looking for Wilda and the children.
  • Yeah, probably not. Hastings still has loyalty coding so he starts to chase after Pressia, while Bradwell asks El Capitan to follow him.
  • El Capitan agrees.

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