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Burn Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

El Capitan (Saint)

  • Bradwell leads El Capitan to the crypt that Bradwell, Partridge, and Pressia hid in during a Death Spree in Book One.
  • There, Bradwell kneels down and starts praying to Saint Wi.
  • El Capitan doesn't exactly understand religion, but he starts feeling woozy. He thinks about all of the people he's killed.
  • Pretty soon he feels sick to his stomach, and has to run out of the crypt.
  • Bradwell comes out and declares that he's going after Pressia.
  • El Capitan decides to be the better man and swallow his pride: he tells Bradwell to tell Pressia how he really feels.
  • Ouch: it's sad to see El Capitan take a bullet for the team here. We know he loves Pressia, but it's hard to watch him give up on her for Bradwell's sake.
  • They plan to meet up by the old bank — Bradwell isn't going in the Dome with her, he just wants to talk.

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