Study Guide

Burn Chapter 3

By Julianna Baggott

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Chapter 3

El Capitan (Armor)

  • Unlike Pressia, who isn't a fan of the golden shine, El Capitan loves it. In fact, he told the caretakers to double his dosage — he is conjoined to his brother, after all.
  • He's been itching to get out too, though, so right now he's climbing into the airship to remember the good old times.
  • He's really creeped out by the kids though; they all look alike.
  • When he gets inside the airship, he notices that the glass hasn't just been replaced, it's also been mended. So maybe there's hope of flying home.
  • He's overcome with guilt and sorrow though — he feels horrible for kissing Pressia in front of Bradwell. But he still loves Pressia, which he knows is going to eat at him forever.
  • He starts talking to Helmud (as he does from time to time) and they get in a fight.
  • This is actually pretty funny because Helmud can only repeat certain words El Capitan says.
  • But Helmud knows what he's saying; he only repeats certain words for a reason.
  • All the sudden they hear footsteps outside the airship. Party's over.

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