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Burn Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

Pressia (Rustling)

  • Pressia's made it to the woods near the Dome, but she keeps hearing rustling.
  • She hopes it's a bunny.
  • Really? A bunny? She's losing her mind.
  • But it's better than a bunny: it's Bradwell.
  • Bradwell lets out a long speech; he talks about how he isn't who he once was now that he has massive wings.
  • He also asks her how long she plans to be in the Dome. She guesses it'll take three days.
  • Then they kiss. Aww.
  • Prepare yourself for what happens next.
  • Bradwell asks Pressia to marry him right then and there.
  • Power Move.
  • But hey, why not? Pressia agrees. Now she's a wife. Yay.
  • Bradwell flutters off, wings and all, and then a blade zings past Pressia, sticking to a tree.
  • She realizes that the mothers are out there, so she surrenders herself.
  • Oh man: we had forgotten about the mothers.

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