Study Guide

Burn Chapter 34

By Julianna Baggott

Chapter 34

Partridge (Strawberry)

  • Partridge and Iralene are on a picnic now. These dates are just wonderful, huh?
  • A crowd of people are watching them, so they need to act like they're enjoying themselves.
  • Iralene reminds Partridge that she'll stay true to his promise — all he needs to do is dance with her.
  • Partridge isn't too happy about dancing, but he does so anyway. He lifts her up and spins her as she tells him to.
  • Oh, and the song that's playing goes to the tune of an amusement park. He thinks about the one he used to go to as a kid. Crazy John John's.
  • Oooh, we know who lives there now.
  • Iralene then pretends she's dizzy and needs to be cared for, prompting Beckley to bring her and Partridge to the nearest building.
  • Iralene had this all planned out—the building is the one with the cryogenic chambers.

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