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Burn Chapter 35

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Chapter 35

Partridge (Risks)

  • Inside the house, the holograms of Iralene and Mimi are still playing. It's eerie, especially when Iralene (the real one) acts out the parts of her fake self.
  • They're wasting time though, so they head to the chambers.
  • Iralene calls for a man named Dr. Peekins, who is in charge of the chambers.
  • Partridge asks him to unfreeze Odwald Belze, but there's a certain risk in unfreezing someone who has been frozen for a long time.
  • Partridge tells him to do so anyway.
  • He then asks Peekins about the room that's heavily guarded with alarms, and Peekins refuses to answer.
  • No matter how much Partridge yells at him, Peekins doesn't answer. He says he's under strict orders.
  • But seeing that Partridge is the only one in control now, he assumes he's under the orders of Ellery still.
  • Um, is Ellery not dead?
  • Partridge goes nuts and starts typing in random words into the computer system to try to unlock the door. Nothing works.
  • Peekins remains silent, and Partridge is forced to leave the building because the crowd outside starts to worry about Iralene.
  • If Ellery is behind that door, things are going to get hairy.

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