Study Guide

Burn Chapter 38

By Julianna Baggott

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Chapter 38

Pressia (Hollow Reed)

  • Back to the mothers—Pressia is confronted by Mother Hestra, the mother who used to take care of Lyda.
  • She starts leading Pressia to Our Good Mother. Oh no, not her—anyone but her.
  • Pressia accidentally spills the beans about Partridge being in control of the Dome. Hey, like brother like sister. The beans always spill.
  • Mother Hestra tells Pressia she's going to help her get inside of the Dome, which goes against Our Good Mother's orders.
  • At first Mother Hestra thinks Pressia wants to get inside to save Lyda, but when Pressia is confused about Lyda being pregnant, she realizes she had other motives.
  • She orders Pressia to save Lyda.
  • Oh, and kill Partridge.

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