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Burn Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

Lyda (Glowing)

  • Lyda's stuck in her house with Chandry's family watching the wedding. Well, this'll be a grand time.
  • Chandry's daughter, Vienna, brings some excitement to the viewing party: there's a surprise for Lyda.
  • The surprise: Mrs. Mertz.
  • At first Lyda's excited to see her mother, but then she realizes why she's there. The wedding isn't fake; it's real.
  • So Mrs. Mertz is there to help her take care of her baby.
  • Lyda is furious, so she runs to her nursery down the hall—yeah, the nursery with the spears and ripped up books.
  • Mrs. Mertz chases after her and sees the nursery.
  • Surprise!

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