Study Guide

Burn Chapter 4

By Julianna Baggott

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Chapter 4

Partridge (In Memoriam)

  • Partridge is in the receiving line for his father's funeral service; it's being live-broadcasted.
  • We learn that Arvin Weed declared his father's death as "natural causes." Hmm, Weed definitely seems like an ally at this point.
  • People are crying, and kids are crying, and everyone's crying. So much crying.
  • Partridge finally sees someone he knows though—who else but Arvin Weed.
  • Partridge is able to ask Arvin about the cryogenic chambers that suspend time for people; he sneakily asks Arvin to look into Jarv Hollenback and Odwell Belze's chambers.
  • When Weed passes, Partridge realizes Iralene is at the service.
  • She tells him that Glassings, Partridge's old teacher and ally, hasn't been showing up to class lately. That could be problematic.
  • Foresteed and other people take the mic and talk about Ellery Willux as a savior.
  • When Partridge takes the mic; he initially plans to just say a premeditated, short speech.
  • But we all know that Partridge is super impulsive, so he spills the beans about his plan for the future and how his father was a mass murderer.
  • Like, he spills all of the beans.
  • People start going crazy in the audience while Foresteed and company scramble to stop Partridge.
  • Partridge finishes with saying he's going to build a bridge between the Pures and wretches (metaphorical or literal?).
  • What a great day at the office.

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