Study Guide

Burn Chapter 40

By Julianna Baggott

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Chapter 40

Pressia (Doors)

  • Pressia's getting ready for the attack, but first she sees a disfigured sheep roaming around.
  • She pets it, but then there's an explosion.
  • The mothers launch the attack.
  • The Special Forces boys come out of the Dome, and some of them even burrow into the ground like Dusts.
  • One of these soldiers pins Pressia to the ground—he's still wearing braces.
  • He's also super pumped he got her.
  • But just as he's about to kill her, Hastings saves the day. He crushes the boy into the ground.
  • Hastings then grabs Pressia and starts running towards the Dome; and to show her gratitude, she yells at him to let her go alone.
  • What a nice way to thank someone.
  • Then to show even more gratitude, Pressia bites his arm so he lets her go.
  • She tells him to tell Bradwell and El Capitan that she's made it to the Dome, and he runs away.
  • Pressia approaches the Dome's door, and she knocks furiously.
  • Just then, a Dust-soldier thingy grabs her: she struggles to break free, and then the door opens.
  • A guard escorts her in. She tells him she's Partridge's sister, and he tells her they know who she is.
  • Oh. Pressia's famous.

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