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Burn Chapter 41

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Chapter 41

Partridge (Impersonation)

  • Partridge reminds himself that he's just pretending to be a man getting married.
  • Before he walks down the aisle, he realizes that Beckley is pretty astute when it comes to talking about relationships.
  • Huh, this seems like a good time for a heart-to-heart.
  • He asks Beckley if he's ever been in love.
  • Yep.
  • Then he asks him for his age.
  • Twenty-seven.
  • Ah, so Beckley must've been in love during the Before. Which means his love is probably dead.
  • That's why Beckley's so hardened.
  • Anyway, back to the wedding. Partridge walks down the aisle and everyone is there.
  • Everyone.
  • Except Lyda.
  • Partridge feels like he's going to pass out, but he gets through the wedding vows.
  • He kisses the bride and faces the audience. This moment actually feels real to him.

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