Study Guide

Burn Chapter 42

By Julianna Baggott

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Chapter 42

Pressia (Weak)

  • Everything is happening so fast; Pressia is inside the Dome. The guard tells her she needs to talk to Partridge, and the guard also tells her that Partridge didn't order the attacks.
  • The guard is also Cygnus, thankfully.
  • Pressia's ordered to put on a guard uniform and hide her doll hand and scars.
  • They enter a train, and Pressia can't help but be happy about Partridge and Lyda's wedding day.
  • Oof. That's the problem. She thinks it's Lyda he's marrying.
  • Pressia and Vendler "Ven" Prescott (the guard) enter the reception.
  • Pressia gapes like she's a hyperactive child in a candy shop. She's not fitting in too well.
  • Ven makes sure to grab her arm and snap her out of it.
  • She then finds Partridge being congratulated by people.
  • Then she see's Lyd—uh? That's not Lyda. It's Iralene.
  • All of a sudden she's overcome with rage, and she pretty much forgets her mission. She marches right up to him and attempts to slap him.
  • But her arm is caught in mid-air by Foresteed, who says it's nice to see her.
  • Foresteed knows who she is, and he seems pretty happy she's there.
  • Pressia looks at Partridge's hands and sees that his pinky is fully recovered. She then asks Iralene where Lyda is.
  • Iralene is confused, but Pressia takes her confusion as arrogance.
  • Pressia then calls Partridge weak, but Partridge is trying his best to calm her down.
  • Partridge finally mentions her grandfather and how he's trying to bring him back. He also orders for her to be taken back to Lyda's house.
  • Pressia's just berserk at this point and acting very rude, but she catches his eyes as she's leaving. Partridge is terrified.

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