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Burn Chapter 43

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Chapter 43

El Capitan (Name)

  • Outside of the Dome, El Capitan reaches the bank. There he finds Gorse, one of the survivors who used to live with Bradwell.
  • Gorse knows who El Capitan is, but doesn't let him inside his little hidey-hole in the ground.
  • El Capitan tells Gorse that Fandra's alive, which makes Gorse really skeptical.
  • Then Bradwell appears and reaffirms that Fandra's alive. Gorse is ecstatic and invites them in.
  • Gorse, another survivor, Bradwell, and El Capitan celebrate by drinking—which is pretty rare, seeing that there isn't too much booze outside of the Dome.
  • El Capitan loves drinking though; his old boss Ingership used to let him drink.
  • Helmud hates drinking because El Capitan gets wild.
  • Then Bradwell asks El Capitan about his real name.
  • El Capitan doesn't remember his name, but he remembers his last name. It was Croll.
  • Bradwell asks Helmud, and Helmud can't remember.
  • El Capitan gets drunkenly mad at Bradwell for interrogating Helmud, so he starts blaming him for letting Pressia go to the Dome and such.
  • Once again, they start yelling at each other.
  • But this time, no punches are thrown. El Capitan starts to cry, and Helmud pats him on the head saying Waldy. His name was Walden.
  • El Capitan keeps saying forgive me, which is what he wanted to say in the crypt with Saint Wi. A huge weight from his chest is let out.

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