Study Guide

Burn Chapter 5

By Julianna Baggott

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Chapter 5

Lyda (Origami)

  • Meanwhile, Lyda's been away from Partridge for quite some time now. The people in the Dome don't know about their relationship yet.
  • Our timeframe has jumped back a bit; this is before Partridge's speech.
  • A repairman has come to Lyda's room, very quickly, to fix one of those robotic orbs that can change the scenery in a room—we saw this in Fuse with Iralene and Partridge's room.
  • The repairman, Boyd, is really nervous about missing the "mandatory" memorial service, so Lyda puts it on the television. She mutes it though, because she's sick of hearing lies.
  • She then asks Boyd to reprogram the orb so that it can make the room resemble outside of the Dome. It's total power move.
  • Boyd starts crying about what he remembers from the Before.
  • Lyda urges him to reprogram the orb again, and then turns up the volume on the television to remind him who's in charge — Partridge.
  • Except at this point, Partridge is completely spilling the beans; Lyda and Boyd are both in shock.
  • Lyda's pumped he told the truth. But also scared he told the truth. And she's angry.
  • Boyd is speechless, and Lyda tells him it's okay. But it's not okay. Boyd suddenly tells her, "We weren't ready," then gives her an origami swan made of paper.
  • Ah, so he's part of the revolutionary Cygnus group.
  • Written on the swan is, Glassings needs your help. Save him.
  • So things are getting heated pretty early on.

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