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Burn Chapter 50

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Chapter 50

El Capitan (Hell Yes)

  • El Capitan is just waking up from his drunken slumber, only to be hauled up by a man named Frost. El Capitan's hands are also tied behind his back, and the bacterium is gone.
  • Bradwell has a gag in his mouth too; he must have tried to put up a fight.
  • The person behind all of this: Gorse. Turns out he's still a little sour from all of El Capitan's Death Sprees.
  • Gorse and Frost take El Capitan and Bradwell aboveground, and there's a pretty big audience awaiting them.
  • Among them is Margit, a Dome worshipper from Fuse.
  • Margit punches El Capitan in the face and hints that they're going to burn him and Bradwell alive as a sacrifice to the Dome.
  • El Capitan pleads for Helmud to be spared (somehow?) but Margit decides they should burn him first so El Capitan can see him suffer.

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