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Burn Chapter 51

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Chapter 51

Partridge (Gunshot Wound)

  • The clerk at the Personal Loss Archives lets Partridge in, and he starts perusing the aisles.
  • He passes the "W's and sees the Weed family. Apparently Weed's parents died. So did his aunt, and possibly infant niece or sister.
  • He then finds Sedge's box.
  • What's in the box?
  • Nothing.
  • The clerk taps him on the shoulder and tells him about how Ellery had Sedge go to the Personal Loss Archives just as Partridge did. Except Sedge didn't steal his mother's stuff.
  • So Sedge wanted be outside the Dome to find his mother too, but he became a Special Forces to do so.
  • Partridge misses Sedge, and the clerk assures him that there's still life in the archives.

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