Study Guide

Burn Chapter 52

By Julianna Baggott

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Chapter 52

Lyda (Wheels)

  • While Pressia sleeps, Lyda writes the message for outside of the Dome and gives it to Freedle, Pressia's pet cicada.
  • She checks for her armor, but it's not there.
  • Chandry Culp, here caretaker, is taking apart her nursery.
  • Chandry calls Pressia and Lyda in. She orders Pressia to help clean up while Lyda talks to the repairman for the orb.
  • Oh right, Boyd the repairman is a good guy.
  • Lyda and Boyd start talking in code, and he basically urges her to get out of the Dome.
  • By the way, the orb was never broken.
  • He also hints that she should always trust a Culp.
  • Wow, so apparently Chandry was on the good team all along.
  • When Lyda gets back to the nursery, all of her spears are loaded into a huge bin. Oh, and Pressia is in the bin too.
  • Chandry is helping Lyda escape—she's pretending to scold her, but is actually trying to get her into the bin with Lyda.
  • Chandry's able to stealthily get Lyda into the bin without the cameras seeing; Lyda's armor is there too.
  • So hopefully Pressia and Lyda can escape the Dome.

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