Study Guide

Burn Chapter 53

By Julianna Baggott

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Chapter 53

El Capitan (Angel)

  • El Capitan isn't doing so hot anymore. He's tied to a metal frame and there's a line of people waiting to beat him.
  • One-by-one people beat the snot out of El Capitan; they use thin whip-like sticks, thick ones, and even golf clubs.
  • He thinks about when he was younger and he broke open a donkey piñata at a girl's birthday party. Now he's the donkey piñata.
  • Some of the survivors who beat him yell names, most likely those who El Capitan either killed or let die.
  • He's pretty much a goner, but all the sudden he's cut free and Bradwell is standing over him.
  • Apparently, Bradwell convinced everyone that he was an angel sent from God and that El Capitan was lost but has been found.
  • Also, they need to bring Gorse to Fandra.
  • Then El Capitan blacks out.

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