Study Guide

Burn Chapter 54

By Julianna Baggott

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Chapter 54

Partridge (Dream)

  • Back in the honeymoon suite, Partridge wakes up to Foresteed standing over him with a military uniform and a pistol.
  • Uh oh.
  • Foresteed holds up a recording of Pressia and Lyda talking about how they need to escape the Domeā€”and how Pressia has the means of taking the Dome down.
  • Foresteed has issued a state of emergency in the Dome, and now everyone is being given weapons.
  • People are going bananas out in the streets.
  • The Dome also captured Hastings, whose behavioral coding forced him to reveal all of his secrets from outside of the Dome.
  • Partridge agrees to help Foresteed (we don't know if he's serious about it yet), and then decides he needs to get to the chambers with Iralene.
  • But she's still sleepy and just waking up from a nice little dream about tulips and green grass.
  • She tells Partridge they can create their own little heaven if they want.
  • No, seriously. The Dome has the technology to create a heaven with dead people and stuff like that.
  • Partridge has no time for this Iralene stuff, so he runs out into the hall to get Beckley. He orders him to get Glassings.
  • Beckley informs Partridge that Glassings died. Ugh, not good.
  • Partridge then sees a stretcher with white sheets over it. He asks about the sick person under it.
  • Beckley tells him it's a dead person.
  • "Who?" Partridge asks. "You," Beckley responds.

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