Study Guide

Burn Chapter 57

By Julianna Baggott

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Chapter 57

Partridge (Everywhere)

  • Partridge is playing dead so that Beckley and Iralene can rush him to the building with the chambers in it. The streets are just filled with chaos, and even someone spray paints Scum Must Die on a picture of Partridge and Iralene.
  • They make it to the building with Peekins, and they attempt to unfreeze Odwald Belze.
  • Unfortunately, he's dead.
  • Wait, Partridge applies CPR and somehow, miraculously, the old man comes back to life. Phew.
  • Partridge tells him that he needs to see Pressia, and Belze starts blabbering about his wife.
  • Partridge assumes Odwald named Pressia after his own wife and that he's just out of it right now. But this could get weird.
  • Partridge's next plan: get to the high security chamber.
  • And finally, Partridge understands what he needs to say to get past the security system. He tells the machine that he loves his father—sincerely. Because when it comes down to it, he can't help but love him.
  • The doors click open. See kids: always tell your father you love them. Because if you do, you'll get into secret rooms with cryogenic chambers in them.
  • Hideki Imanaka isn't inside the room though; instead, Partridge finds four chambers with small babies inside of them.
  • Yeah. Those babies are clones of the Willux family. And there are directions on how to age them so that they can be a family again.
  • Ugh, creepy.
  • Beckley reports that Lyda and Pressia have been found too, not to break the nice family moment that Partridge is having.

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