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Burn Chapter 59

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Chapter 59

Pressia (Doll Head)

  • The room Lyda and Pressia are in is a planetarium; they're in there because they need to talk to Arvin Weed.
  • When Weed walks in, Pressia asks him what side he's on. He tells her he's on his own side.
  • Weed's a lone warrior.
  • He also tells Lyda that Partridge had been writing her letters the whole time. So at least she knows he still loves her.
  • Weed pleads Pressia to give him whatever she has—which is the formula—so he can reverse the Rapid Cell Degeneration in himself, and the fusings in the wretches.
  • Lyda also admits that she sent the message out to Bradwell and El Capitan without telling Pressia. Whoops.
  • Pressia hesitates to give the vial and formula to Weed, but she decides to take a leap of faith.
  • And it seems like a good one too. Weed tells them that Willux killed his parents, and his little sister. It looks like he's out for revenge too.
  • He tells them he'll send word out to Partridge, and that Pressia should probably take one of Lyda's spears because she might need it.

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