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Burn Chapter 6

By Julianna Baggott

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Chapter 6

Partridge (Contagion)

  • And if you thought things were getting heated with Lyda, just wait to see what's about to happen to Partridge.
  • All he wants to do at this point is see Lyda. Oh that lovebird.
  • The people in the Dome are pretty mad though. Which is understandable, seeing that Partridge called them "sheep" in his speech.
  • An angry mob forms and yells at Partridge. One man spits at him and is promptly beat up by guards.
  • Beckley, Partridge's guard, informs Partridge that he can't see Lyda. They're going to the war room.
  • It's a super secret, super scary underground room that Partridge needs to access via retina scan and fingerprint scan.
  • Meanwhile, people in the streets are going absolutely bananas. Fights are breaking out.
  • Back in the war room, Partridge enters alone; there are photos and letters plastered on the wall.
  • He sees pictures of himself when he was young, and letters written to his mother from his father.
  • And of course, he tears them down because he's still Partridge and gets a little bit angry sometimes.
  • Okay, he gets angry all the time.
  • Lyda then walks in, which makes Partridge feel a bit better. He wonders if the room is some kind of prank designed to mess with Sedge… who was the rightful heir.
  • By the way, Lyda's taken aback by Partridge. She's actually kind of afraid of him now, and she's worried he might be changing.
  • But he's got a lot going on right now, so let's give him a break for a second.
  • As they're wandering around the room, he stumbles upon a button that reveals a map of more Domes. Then a voice recording comes up: it's his father.
  • His recording addresses Partridge, and basically tells him everything that Partridge already knew.
  • But then his father's voice asks if there's blood on Partridge's fingerprint now.
  • Translation: if you're listening to this right now, I know you killed me.
  • Lyda and Partridge are mindblown, so Lyda takes out the origami swan.
  • Then Partridge opens a drawer and finds all of Ellery's folders.
  • One is labeled Enemies and has a picture of Bradwell and El Capitan.
  • Another is labeled New Eden, and there's also Reversal.
  • Apparently he had a plan called, Operation Wretch Purification, where he labeled the wretches as the Superior Race.
  • Oh, and there's also one labeled Protocol For Annihilation. That one says there's a button Partridge can press that will gas the people outside of the Dome.
  • Talk about evil, huh?
  • Finally, there's a knock on the door: it's Partridge's guard, Beckley. He says the death toll in the Dome is rising, but not from fighting. From suicides.
  • Ugh Partridge, you messed up.

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