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Burn Chapter 61

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Chapter 61

Partridge (Tied With String)

  • Partridge is in the war room now, and he's looking at a screen filled with small dots.
  • Yep, those dots are wretches, and they're coming at the Dome.
  • Beckley tells him they have a liaison to go outside the Dome and consult El Capitan and Bradwell.
  • Who else but Hastings?
  • Unfortunately, Hastings' behavioral coding has been doubled, so he can't make any of his own decisions anymore.
  • He's also fully bugged, acting as the Dome's eyes and ears.
  • Partridge isn't too happy that Hastings can't make his own decisions. When Hastings leaves the room, he shoots Partridge a look — it's terrifyingly somber.
  • Beckley then adds one thing: Cygnus thought it would be best to separate Partridge and Lyda.
  • Then he gives Partridge the letters.
  • Oh Beckley, you sly dog.

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