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Burn Chapter 64

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Chapter 64

Partridge (Rooms)

  • Last chapter of the trilogy people: hold on tight.
  • Iralene leads everyone inside of her pretend-house.
  • Partridge and Pressia's mother are there, Sedge is there, and even Odwald is there.
  • Except Odwald isn't a hologram, he's real.
  • Also, the mirrors reflect only pure images—Pressia's doll hand and scars disappear when she looks into them.
  • They even find Bradwell, El Capitan, and Helmud. Helmud and El Capitan are separated.
  • Iralene tells them all to stay. She can program the holograms to have conversations, too.
  • Beckley interrupts everyone to tell them that people are closing in, so Partridge brings them into the war-room.
  • He tells Pressia everything about how the wretches are the superior race.
  • Then a screen pops up. It's Hastings' view of Bradwell and El Capitan.
  • They try to negotiate, but Partridge knows he can kill them all with a press of a button.
  • Pressia takes this opportunity to take Iralene hostage. If he presses the button, she kills Iralene.
  • But that makes Partridge tell Hastings to take Bradwell hostage.
  • And what happens next pains us: there's a gunshot, and the screen goes black.
  • Flash now to El Capitan's perspective: Bradwell's dead, shot in the chest by Hastings, who, we need to understand, couldn't disobey orders because of his programming.
  • Inside of Bradwell's shirt were papers, now flying everywhere.
  • The papers are a new form of The Message: We are here, my brothers and sisters, to end the division, to be recognized as human, to live in peace. Each of us has the power to be benevolent.
  • Freedle then flies out of his hands and goes towards the Dome.
  • Flash to Pressia's perspective: the screen is back on and El Capitan is shouting for everyone to march to the Dome. Pressia's now on his side—she wants the Dome to fall.
  • Flash to Partridge's perspective (ah, so many perspectives): he doesn't know what to do, of course, and just as he starts running to a hiding place, Iralene interrupts him.
  • She tells him that he still has a promise to stand by. Oh right, he still owes her.
  • She wants him to live in the make-believe house with her. Even if they get attacked, she just wants that moment to live with him in bliss.
  • And guess what: he stays with her. He gives Lyda the love letters, and then enters the house with Iralene.
  • What? Well, at least he's true to his word.
  • Also at this time, a huge chunk of the Dome's roof shatters and falls to the ground. Looks like Freedle was able to get the bacterium to the Dome.
  • Flash to Our Good Mother's perspective: she's ready to go kill Foresteed.
  • Now to Arvin Weed's: he's in his laboratory, ready to find a cure. He won't leave until he does.
  • Now to Peekins' perspective (really? Peekins?). He's trying to unfreeze the Willux baby family; he thinks the mother might be the only survivor.
  • Now to Iralene and Partridge: there's a banging on the door, and Iralene tells Partridge to let them come. Oof, not good.
  • Back to the final perspective of Pressia: Beckley is carrying Odwald. Pressia, Lyda, Odwald, and Beckley reach a secret monorail system that gets them to the ground level of the Dome.
  • They walk through the grounds of the academy, and up a hill come the survivors, El Capitan among them.
  • He approaches Pressia with one of the pieces of paper that flew from Bradwell's shirt. It's almost like a sign of surrender.
  • But this is just another beginning. El Capitan asks Pressia what they should do, and she responds: No more blood.
  • Pressia, El Capitan, Odwald, Beckley, and Lyda ready themselves to march out of the Dome and start anew.
  • Ze end.

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