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Burn Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

El Capitan (Bacterium)

  • Flash-forward to the fields of Newgrange: Bartrand Kelly is rambling on about boars and whatnot.
  • The gang then starts talking about how Kelly was in contact with Willux. But now he's dead.
  • All three of our heroes are pretty shocked about that.
  • Bradwell thought he'd get gratification from hearing this news, but he doesn't. Probably because he wasn't a direct cause of Willux's death.
  • Lots of awkwardness, but Kelly breaks it by talking about the Before. Then about how his daughter died after the Detonations and how his wife died from despair.
  • This just adds on to the awkwardness.
  • He leads them all to a barn that has boars in it—trained boars that would rip you apart if told to do so.
  • Kelly leads them to the barn because he wants to give them an ultimatum. If they take a bacterium that he's created back to the Dome, he'll return their vials, formula instructions, and airship.
  • By the way, the bacterium can eat the radiation-resistant material of the Dome. So basically, Kelly wants to help them take down the Dome.
  • So El Capitan and Bradwell are psyched, but Pressia wants to now work for a united society.
  • Bradwell then starts yelling at her. It seems like he really doesn't like her anymore.
  • Which kind of makes sense. She did literally turn him into a monster.
  • El Capitan makes an executive decision: he takes the bacterium.
  • Basically, he just wants to fly that airship again.

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