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Burn Contrasting Regions

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Contrasting Regions

"There will always be a divide. There will always be us and them. And if this divide disappears, there will be another us and them" (56.45)

That quote comes courtesy of El Capitan, and it pretty much explains the divide between the two worlds. People like Partridge and Pressia are searching for a cure so that they can bring the two regions together; however, as El Capitan says, there will always be some kind of divide.

He really hits the nail right on the head; even if there isn't any more conflict between the wretches and the Pures, there will be some other kind of "us and them." The Dome may crumble by the end of Burn, but new dividing lines will be erected.

Questions About Contrasting Regions

  1. What does the Dome represent?
  2. Besides their ways of life, how are the wretches and the Pures different?
  3. Is El Capitan's quote truthful, or callous?

Chew on This

The separation of the wretches and the Pures is similar to the separation of America's rich and poor.

There isn't an inherent difference between the wretches and Pures. There is only circumstantial difference.

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