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Burn Identity

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Identity crises: they happen all the time in Burn. These haunted characters often second-guess themselves and ponder their place in the world. Pressia can't seem to figure out if she wants her doll hand or not. Partridge can't detach his father's identity from his own. Lyda struggles between being a warrior and a cooped-up wife. El Capitan has good-guy bad-guy syndrome.

But it's this very dynamic that makes these characters…well, so dynamic.

Questions About Identity

  1. What is Pressia's true identity?
  2. Is Pressia's desire to rid herself of her doll hand an example of identity crisis?
  3. Does Partridge have an identity crisis? Or just a mental breakdown?
  4. Which character has the best relationship to their own identity?

Chew on This

Bradwell is really the only character in the novel that truly understands himself.

It takes Pressia the whole entire trilogy to realize who she is as a person.

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