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Burn Love

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You really can't ignore the theme of love in Burn, especially because we have two weddings (even though one is pretty much forced). Love comes in different shapes and sizes throughout the Pure trilogy: there's familial love, romantic love, and even artificial love.

Unfortunately, romantic love doesn't seem to win… because the objects to romantic love have a nasty habit of dying out. Romantic love is in the air, but so is ash and a hail of bullets. In fact, the love that really holds steady is the kind of familial love El Capitan and Helmud share.

Questions About Love

  1. What is stronger: El Capitan's love for Pressia, or El Capitan's love for Helmud?
  2. Does Partridge really love Iralene?
  3. How do letters factor into the love between Partridge and Lyda?
  4. Pressia is a bit heartbroken in the beginning of the book. Does this drive her forward, or hinder her?

Chew on This

Iralene's love for Partridge forces him to love her—this makes his love artificial.

Lyda doesn't actually love Partridge by the end of the novel because he's become a different person.

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