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Burn Revenge

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Revenge is almost as ubiquitous in Burn as ash in the air. It's everywhere you turn, and it's a force that fuels almost all of the characters. Most of the wretches want revenge on the Dome, and the Pures want revenge on Partridge. People even want revenge on themselves — just look at El Capitan, who often feels like he needs a good beating to cleanse himself of his sins.

But what happens when these characters get the revenge they seek? Do they feel satisfied, or do they seek newer, shiner modes of revenge?

Questions About Revenge

  1. Who is the character that is driven most by revenge?
  2. Does El Capitan want revenge on the Dome, or his former self? Or both?
  3. Does taking down the Dome serve as revenge for the Detonations?

Chew on This

Because Bradwell didn't kill Willux himself, he no longer desires to live.

Even a destruction of the Dome won't satisfy the wretches. They'll still be full of rage.

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