Study Guide

Candide Chapter 14

By Voltaire

Chapter 14

  • Candide’s servant, Cacambo, immediately saddles two horses and urges Candide to leave. Candide does not want to leave without Cunégonde, even though she seems fickle and disloyal.
  • Cacambo tries to cheer him up and suggests that they find the Jesuits in Paraguay and fight on their side, against the Governor. This should be easy, Cacambo says, because he is familiar with Paraguay.
  • The men arrive at the Jesuit outpost. They are treated with skepticism at first, but when the Colonel learns that Candide is German, he gets excited and invites him to dine.
  • In the course of Candide’s conversation with the Colonel, they discover that the Colonel is in fact Cunégonde’s brother (!). Since his father is dead, that makes him the current Baron.
  • The Baron is relieved to hear that Cunégonde is alive.