Study Guide

Candide Chapter 15

By Voltaire

Chapter 15

  • The Baron tells his life story to Candide:
  • After the Bulgar soldiers attack, he is severely wounded and taken away to be buried.
  • A Jesuit priest sprinkles saltwater over the supposedly dead Baron as a blessing, but sees the Baron’s eyes flicker.
  • Fortunately, the Jesuit cares for the Baron and restores him to health.
  • The Baron trains as a colonel and as a priest and travels to Latin America.
  • The Baron finishes telling his life story.
  • Back in the present, the Baron asks Candide where his sister is and the men decide to rescue her together.
  • Candide explains that he intends to marry Cunégonde.
  • In a fit of rage, the Baron attacks Candide for his insolence and presumption in thinking that he is worthy of her in light of his ancestry.
  • Candide thinks fast and kills the Baron by stabbing him.
  • Then Candide thinks things through a bit.
  • After several deep and contemplative minutes, Candide realizes what he’s done.
  • He feels remorseful. Also terrified.
  • Cacambo quickly dresses Candide in the Baron’s clothes and the two escape on horseback in disguise.