Study Guide

Candide Chapter 20

By Voltaire

Chapter 20

  • Although Candide feels displeased with his misfortune, he still has sufficient wealth and therefore figures Cunégonde will marry him eventually.
  • Martin, on the other hand, is hopeless. He believes that people are inherently evil.
  • Martin reveals (to Candide’s disbelief) that he is a Manichaeist. Manichaeism was an antiquated religion that believed in light and darkness, good and evil.
  • As Martin continues his argument that the world's dark side has taken over, they witness a battle taking place between a Spanish ship and a Dutch pirate ship.
  • This supports his argument.
  • Turns out, the pirate ship belongs to that jerk Vanderdendur who stole Candide’s jewel-laden sheep.
  • Just then, Candide spots one of those sheep floating toward his boat in the water.
  • Candide, in an outburst of logic, suggests that, since he found the sheep, he will definitely find Cunégonde again.