Study Guide

Candide Chapter 27

By Voltaire

Chapter 27

  • The ship captain responsible for one of the former kings, Sultan Achmet, agrees to take Candide and Martin to Constantinople.
  • Cacambo tells Candide that Cunégonde works alongside the Old Woman as a servant for a Turkish prince. Also, Cunégonde is now ugly.
  • Cacambo reveals that he is a slave of the dethroned Sultan Achmet.
  • Candide learns that most of the money he gave to Cacambo was stolen by pirates.
  • When they dock, Candide buys Cacambo’s freedom and sets out in pursuit of Cunégonde.
  • Candide takes a close look at two of the galley slaves and identifies one as Pangloss and the other as Cunégonde’s Jesuit brother (the Baron), whom Candide thought he stabbed to death.
  • Candide buys the two men their freedom.