Study Guide

Cannery Row Booker's Seven Basic Plots Analysis

By John Steinbeck

Booker's Seven Basic Plots Analysis

The Call

All the residents of the Palace Flophouse agree that they ought to do something nice for Doc. Mack has a bright idea: they should throw a party for him.

The Journey

Mack and his band o' bros trek up to the Carmel River to gather frogs. But first! They must tame the fearsome Model T, climb an almost impossible hill, and charm the Captain into letting them onto his land.

Arrival and Frustration

Everything looks good to go: Mack and the boys have returned with the frogs, they've got the booze and decorations all ready ... but the party starts too early and they end up wrecking Doc's lab before he even gets there to enjoy it. Major bummer.

The Final Ordeals

Mack and the boys gather their strength and vow to achieve their goal: a successful party. This time they get the whole community on board, including the prostitutes. 

The Goal

The party is epic. It heals the rift between Mack's boys and the community, Doc receives the tribute he deserves, and everyone goes home happy. Plus, a police car ends up on the beach.