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The Canterbury Tales: General Prologue & Frame Story Epilogue to the Man of Law's Tale

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Epilogue to the Man of Law's Tale

  • The Host declares the Man of Law's Tale worthwhile.
  • He asks the Parish Priest (a.k.a. Parson) to tell a tale, but concludes his request by swearing on God's dignity.
  • The Parson takes offense at the Host's sinful swearing, and asks what ails the Host.
  • The Host calls the Parson "Jankin" (an insulting name for a priest) and accuses him of being a Lollard (someone associated with extreme rigidity in religious practices). The Host tells the rest of the company that a Lollard's going to preach to them.
  • The Shipman objects. He does not want the Parson to preach and make difficulty for people who already believe in God.
  • The Shipman says he will tell a tale that is not about philosophy or anything boring.

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