Study Guide

Carrie What's Up With the Title?

By Stephen King

What's Up With the Title?

In case you totally zoned out during the entire book (or were too busy floating hairbrushes with your mind), the main character's name is Carrie. This is also the title of the book. You might say that she carries the whole narrative… but you shouldn't.

It's not an entirely straightforward title, though. Why?

The title makes you think that this book is about Carrie. And it kind of is, but it's not really her story. Or, at least, not hers alone.We get more insight into what others think of Carrie than we do of Carrie's own inner workings.

Maybe a more appropriate title would be All the Jerks Who Make Fun of Carrie… but that's not as catchy, is it? We'd also have settled for a title that better cues us into Carrie's cautionary tale—like Discipline and Punish.

But Stephen King is no Foucault, we guess.

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