Study Guide

Carrie Part 3

By Stephen King

Part 3


  • This part is a series of letters and book excerpts. Here's what we can piece together from 'em.
  • The coroner's report lists Carrie's cause of death as "hemorrhage, shock, coronary occlusion, and/or coronary thrombosis" (3.1). Specific, we know.
  • Lots of people are trying to figure out what happened in Chamberlain that caused 440 people to die. It's a pretty big mystery in the town, given that Carrie killed almost all of the witnesses to her mass-homicide.
  • We read resignation letters from both the Principal and Miss Desjardin. They feel guilty for not being able to stop what happened.
  • People are also freaked out that another telekinetic child could be born, and this could all happen again. "The possibility of a recurrence, genetically speaking, is 99 per cent" (3.18).
  • Finally, we read a letter from a woman in Tennessee. We've never heard of her before. Her name is Amelia, and she is writing to her sister about her daughter, Annie.
  • Annie's really cute, but there's something kind of off about her: she can float marbles. And her grandmother used to do the same thing sometimes. (Telekinesis often skips a generation, we learn.)
  • Oh well, that's not a big deal. Right? That must be pretty run-of-the-mill in Tennessee, because Amelia doesn't seem concerned.
  • She writes, "Annie is awfull pretty & her eyes are as brite as buttons. I bet she'll be a world-beeter someday [sic]" (3.26).
  • Is that a set-up for Carrie 2?
  • Hm.

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