Study Guide

Carrie Appearances

By Stephen King


Teenagers put a lot of emphasis on looks. Heck, everyone puts a lot of emphasis on looks, but especially teenagers, and especially the teenagers of Ewen High, where Carrie goes to school. The kids there seem to think Carrie looks weird. Carrie doesn't act out against her classmates like her mother did, she just looks… different. And the other girls, who think they're prettier than she is, are really mean to her. And, as we all know, appearances don't tell us much about a person. Carrie shows us that beauty is skin deep, but ugliness runs all the way down to the core.

Questions About Appearances

  1. Would Carrie have been an outcast if she were prettier?
  2. Does Carrie feel bad about her own looks? Why?
  3. Does anyone ever criticize Carrie's appearance?
  4. The main compliment Carrie receives at the prom is that she looks beautiful. Why is that? Does Carrie believe this?

Chew on This

If Carrie didn't kill the entire high school, she's probably have been voted "least likely to be a homicidal maniac." Looks can be deceiving.

People are shallow; when Carrie finally looks "pretty" to her classmates, they instantly start treating her better.