Study Guide

Carrie Revenge

By Stephen King


Revenge, like pig's blood or chilled monkey brains, is a dish best served cold. Carrie, however, serves it hot—with fire and electricity. In any case, it's not difficult to see how destructive a force revenge is in Carrie. Not only does Carrie kill the people who actually harmed her, she pretty much takes down her whole hometown. (Although, frankly, we'd be a little murderous with rage if we were in her blood-covered shoes, too.)

Questions About Revenge

  1. Who does Carrie most want to take revenge on?
  2. Why does Chris Hargensen want revenge against Carrie? What did Carrie do to her?
  3. Why does Billy Nolan want revenge against Carrie? What did Carrie do to him?
  4. Does Margaret White want revenge? Against whom? For what?

Chew on This

Margaret White's belief in an angry, vengeful God leads Carrie to believe that vengeance (or should we say re-vengeance) is not only acceptable, it's righteous.

Chris Hargensen and her dad also believe in taking action against those who have wronged them. They may not murder anyone, but do two wrongs ever make a right?