Study Guide

Carrie Sin

By Stephen King


Ah, sin. Three little letters never held so much meaning. Sin can be something so awful, yet it can feel so good. (Just ask the Dixie Chicks as they take their turn on the "sin wagon." Ahem.) This dichotomy between good and evil is something that Margaret and Carrie White grapple with every day in Carrie. Margaret tries to avoid sin so ardently that it controls her life, and she abuses Carrie by being so overbearing and nutty. Carrie doesn't know what to think, with the mixed messages of her mom's religious fanaticism and her actually-terrible classmates, and their sexin' and bullyin' ways. We can't blame her. Like we said: dichotomy. Good and evil. Yikes.

Questions About Sin

  1. What are the major sins Margaret White takes issue with?
  2. How is Margaret hypocritical about certain sins?
  3. How has Margaret's views on sin affected her daughter, Carrie? How have they affected other people around her?
  4. What are Carrie's views on sin?

Chew on This

Margaret White is so focused on living a life without sin that she forgets to live a life with any virtue.

Margaret thinks everything is a sin; therefore, Carrie is afraid of everything.

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